Me and the others Admins didnt know each other. One day suttenly 1 of them came in the same server as i was, and i asked him if he wanted to make a clan with me, and he said yes. We made the clan, found some members that could join, made a HP [homepage] and we will make our own server in not so long. We are not many in the clan now, but we gotta find some more, so if u want to join then contact the CL is the msn andre_elpapi_2006@hotmail.comAnd if u want to add me in Steam my acc. name is davidandrepaulino.
That was All! Thx!


This is a Deagle, it can shot 7 bullets and has other 35 bullets left... It´s the best pistol in CSS... Use It... O.o!

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