Events 04/13/2009

If u want to see the events that are coming then
Click here /1108150611083607157464310.html
If u think that we needs more events or less then write a idea clicking on comments



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    About us

    Well.... We are a really good clan and whoever wants to join, then just send us an email or a write a comment...Thx -  .-!

    About the CL

    I started playing css like 2 years ago... I wasn't so good to it but i was playing css all the time. I didnt know many, but playing css i have been meeting some friends... I wasn't in a clan, and i didnt know what it was xD... But playing i got more and more clever to it... now i am just so good to css like some others... Hope u wanna join our clan... Well that was my history....

    This April we are gonna play 6 times pcw or cw... I hope u want to play AGAINST us... Cause just the ones in our clan can play WITH us....Just write a comment or send us an email ...

    April 2009



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